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Knowledge in the Blink of an Eye

I just heard on a podcast - where else?! - an ad for "Blinkist", a service that allows you to choose from over 2k non-fiction titles to read or listen to a summary in just 15 minutes.

It costs $4.99 month/$49.99 year which for a cheapskate like me seems a bit steep. This seems like it could be a good idea for books that you are unsure of and want to get a better grasp before you spring for the whole thing or for some reason really need to cram.

Trivia - now that's not something I thought of. That bit about birds in San Francisco changing their pitch due to traffic was pretty interesting, right?!

I really hope it doesn't turn into headline-reading instead of actual reading. You know, when you talk to someone and they say "oh, I read this great article about blobbidy bloop" but then it turns out they only thing they actually read was the headline! And lest I sound like I'm on my high-horse, I sometimes only read the headlines too!

Will you try it?

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