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If you're headed out with your friends for a fun St. Patrick's Day - you're the designated driver, right? right?! - you can take the opportunity to add to your vocabulary by recognizing which types of drunk people you encounter as shared by Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

Ape Drunk - leaps, sings & hollows and dances for the heavens

Lion Drunk - flings things around the house, breaks glass and is apt to quarrel with anyone that speaks to him

Swine Drunk - heavy, lumpish, sleepy cries for more to drink and more clothes!

Sheep Drunk - timid, meek and unassertive ("sheepish")

Maudlin Drunk - weepy, sentimental ("I love you man!")

Martin Drunk - drinking yourself sober (perhaps a bit of the "hair of the dog"?)

Goat Drunk - let's just say, a lover not a fighter!

Fox Drunk - crafty, clever

Have fun, expand your vocabulary and don't drink & drive!

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