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The Aisles Have Eyes

Joseph Turow has written a book, The Aisles Have Eyes, that explores how marketers and retailers are using our phones to collect and sell our data in order to hone in on the ways that will induce us to buy. You can listen to an interview he did with Terry Gross on Fresh Air.

While we know that this is happening, Turow takes on a deep dive as well as speaks to where the technology might be heading in the future. What would it take for you to agree to have an implant in your arm that measures your physiological responses to products? One ad agency's prediction is that 50% of Americans will have these in just 11 years from now!

An interesting tidbit from the interview, "It reminds me of Eric Schmidt of Google saying at one point we want to know so much about you and know that you know that that when you think of what career you want to take, you will ask Google."

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