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I Always Feel Like, My Bed is Watching Me!

Another cool product debut at this year's CES was the Sleep Number 360 - a machine learning mattress. In addition to they typical Sleep Number benefits it can warm your feet to help you fall asleep faster (no more lying in bed wishing your feet weren't so cold but being too cold to get out of bed to do anything about it!), elevate or move a person before or as they start to snore (no more trying to wake someone up to STOP THAT!), it can learn your best sleeping temperature and then connect to your smart thermometer to make that happen (hopefully it can make it the perfect temperature to wake up to too!).

Here's a video explaining it but I will warn you that they gave the mattress a "voice" which isn't creepy at all!

Now, what it won't do is detect cheating like the Durmet Smarttress or like this crude but brilliant/hilarious Best Man prank, measure newlywed mattress motion and then post it on Twitter for all the world to see!

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