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Hard on Yourself vs Beating the *)@& Out of Yourself

Listening to the 01/02/2017 WTF Podcast, host Marc Maron was pontificating on the difference between being Hard on Yourself vs Beating the *)@& out of yourself that I thought was really interesting for hard driving, competitive people. Here are Maron's thoughts:

"The difference between being hard on yourself and beating the *)@& out of yourself are just different and I think the difference has to do with your drive. If you beat the *)@& out of yourself, you are just driving yourself into the ground. If you are being hard on yourself, you might get better. You might drive yourself to get better. There is a very fine line.. it has to do with your disposition. If you think you suck and you just tell yourself that all the time, "I suck" without any recourse or forward-thinking, that's a disposition, "I suck. I've convinced myself again that I suck". But if you're hard on yourself you think you're great just not as good as you want to be yet, then you might get better. It's a mild adjustment but sometimes people are just too comfortable in sucking, too comfortable in self pity, too comfortable in I'm $^(#!} to make that mild adjustment to "yes, I'm $^(#!} but I'm going to get better, I'm pretty $^(#@"? good!"

If you want to hear it from the horses mouth or the entire interview Maron did with Bruce Springsteen, it's episode 773 (I think WTF puts their podcasts behind a paywall after 6 months though so don't put it off!)

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