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Jedi Mind Trick Your Way to Peak Performance !

Check out this great podcast from Will Barron when he chats with Leigh Ashton about using Jedi Mind Tricks or Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to improve your sales process!

The shorthand version is that we let our own negative thinking and fears stand in the way of success. There's a direct line between our thinking and our results:





Think about something you love to do and identify the feeling you get from that. Before that feeling there is a thought that triggers it. When your thoughts and feelings align in the positive, there is excitement for and focus on that action and you set yourself up for great actions which lead to positive results, or a least way to think about the results in a positive light.

You can see how when we dread or avoid tasks our thoughts & feelings are not aligned. There isn't excitment and we can't be focused because we are pulled in multiple directions in by knowing we need to do something but not wanting to. The action taken then is, at best, a lukewarm attempt which results in a lackluster result, and that lackluster result reinforces the idea that we dread the task!

Instead, NLP teaches us to use language to change our thinking to the positive on the tasks we think we dread. Start by identifying the trigger thought, ask yourself "what can I think instead?"

For example, if you dread making that first cold contact instead of thinking "oh, they probably aren't interested, they don't need what I have, they're busy",

Change that up to "they might not know how I can help them, if I don't speak with them they'll never know how much I might be able to improve their process, even if there is nothing I can help them with I'll make sure they have a pleasant experience speaking with me".

This simple perspective change in your thought process then lead to a change in everything that follows!

Check out this YouTube broadcast (FYI, there's a glitch around 5:46 that lasts about 30 seconds. If you'd rather listen to the Podcast, click here.)

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