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Presidential Technology

Happy Presidents' Day! Let's take a look at how different Presidents embraced the modern technology of their time:

1877: President Rutherford B. Hayes installed the first telephone in the White House.

1891: President Benjamin Harrison was the first to have electricity in the White House. Although he never touched the switch himself, he was terrified of being electrocuted! Perhaps funny now, but probably a very reasonable fear 125 years ago!

1909: President William Taft was the first to own an electric car!

1923: President Calvin Coolidge gave the first radio broadcast of the State of the Union.

1947: Presdient Harry Truman also gave that year's State of the Union using new technology, this go-around, it was the first to be televised.

1976: Candidate Jimmy Carter was way ahead of the curve and apparently was using email during his presidential campaign! His administration was also the first to use a computer and laser printer in the White House.

1992: President George H.W. Bush's adminstration was the first to use the internet in the White House and the first president with an iPod.

1994: President Bill Clinton was the first adminstration to have we website and he was the first to send an email while in office.

2002: President George W. Bush brought the State of the Union into the digital age but broadcasing the State of the Union on the internet!

2008: President Barack Obama is the first president that we know of to use a cell phone as well as the first "social media president".

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