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Book Club... "Go for No!"

Candidates often share titles of books that have deeply influenced them. In our "Book Club" posts we'll share some of the titles and, if we've read the book, share out thoughts too!

Last week a candidate, Jake Obluck, when speaking about the importance of being positive shared that he had enjoyed, Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz.

I listened to the audio version this weekend. At $5 and 1.5 hours long, this is a small but mightly package indeed! It's told in fictional story form, which at first seems a bit odd and tortured, but as a plot device quickly makes sense. As a theory for sales in which resilience, positivity and persisetence are keys to success, it makes loads of sense!

In a nutshell, Fenton & Waltz make a case to stop setting your goals based on "yes", instead your goals should be the number of times you hear "no" in a time period. They state, very persuasivley I might add, that by making the number of times you hear "no" your goal, the natural consequence will be higher number of times you hear a "yes".

I really enjoyed this book and want to give Jake a big thanks for the recommendation!

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