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FAQs for Candidates

What does Sharp Hires do, in other words, are these positions full-time, with Sharp Hires?

You will NOT be working for Sharp Hires in any capacity.  We are a recruiting firm and these positions are permanent, full-time, meaning you will be a direct hire employee of one of our clients.  


What is a recruiter?

As a recruiter (you may have also heard "third-party recruiter", "head hunter", "talent sourcing" to name a few), we work with our clients (companies, perhaps your future employer!), to fill their current employment openings.

How is Sharp Hires different?

We love forward-thinking innovation while also embracing old-school communication and a fierce belief that all parties benefit from quality candidates vs quantity.  If we are working with you that means that we believe you are a strong candidate to get the job and for a long-term career with our client.  When we work with you, we will not only guide you through the process, our tips and advice will help you to dominate any interview.

What will I get from working with Sharp Hires?

We love our careers and want to help you find your dream career.  While we may not be mathematicians, we do know that statistically most candidates that apply for any given job are not going to be hired.  That's rough, but it's true.  We will work very hard to do our part in securing an offer and beyond that what we strive for is that every candidate will walk away from the experience with skills that will help them in any job search.  The most common feedback from candidates we haven't placed, "I can't thank you enough, I have developed skills that will help me in my job search & confidence, in fact I've already been using them and am on the verge of other offers!"

How much does this cost me, the candidate?

Nothing, recruiter's services should always be free to the candidate.  So to reiterate, it will cost you nothing, nada, zero, zilch!

What's all this about a cover letter?

You don't have to write one but we love getting them and we read all of them (really!).  It doesn't matter who you address it to (even "Hey You" works!), we just want to get to know you a little bit and why you want a long-term career in technical sales.  If you are struggling for what to include, paint us a picture about what makes you a fit, when did the sales lightbulb go on for you, a goal that you have worked toward, etc.  This is your letter so write whatever you would like, we can't wait to read it!

I submitted my information but I haven't heard yet, why?

We would love nothing more to connect with everyone but the laws of time in physics prevent that!  Our team reads every cover letter and reviews every resume.  If they believe you could be a good fit, they'll be in touch to get to know you a bit more.  From that they will make a decision and if they will be moving forward, they will reveal the name of the client we are searching for so that you can do your research.

Can I ask who the client/employer is without talking to the sourcing team?

Sure but we won't tell you!  Once we we have the qualifying conversation with you and we think it's a possible match, of course we will tell you, giving you plenty of time to do your research.

If I keep calling your phone numbers, will that help me?

We can appreciate perseverance but keep in mind, we love what we do so we are often on the phone ourselves morning to night.  Calling and hanging up repeatedly will not help the cause but if you'd like to leave a voicemail or send an email we will listen and/or read but please do not think this is necessary.  We review everything submitted so will will see your information and will not hesitate to reach out if we think it could be a fit.

Are these positions full-time, with Sharp Hires?

You will NOT be working for Sharp Hires in any capacity.  These positions are full-time and you will be an employee of one of our clients, exactly the same as if you had applied directly to that employer.  (***yes, this is a repeat of the first question, but we thought it was so important, we'd share it twice!)

Do technical positions require an engineering or science background?

Nope!  A common sense technical aptitude is an important piece of the puzzle when selling technology so regardless of your major, if you read the job description and feel you are a fit please don't hesitate to apply!

I have an engineering/science background, will I be able to use it in sales?

Sure!  As someone with an engineering/science background that foundation will certainly help you as will your incredible communication skills!

What is the ideal candidate?

Sharp (get it?!), ambitious, dynamic talent, hard-working, dedicated, confident people looking for career-making, long-term dream career!


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