July 24, 2017

Superstar interviewees know that it's their job to connect the dogs in any interview. Never should an interview end and the hiring manager has to ask themselves, "will this person fit here, why do they want to do the job, are they a fit?"  It's up to you to be proactive and answer those questions, without relying on being asked.

Every question you are asked - Every. Single. Question. - is an opportunity to naturally share why you are a fit / what qualifies you / why you want it, etc.

It's up to you to understand the company and know not only what the job entails but what it takes to excel.  Then you have to find the relatable experiences from your own background and proactively share the stories that help the hiring manager see you in the role.

Leanne Ralston illustrates this well in a blog post on Education Week. Here's an excerpt:

Expect open-ended questions such as:

  • Tell us about a time you showed flexibility and creativity.

  • What is your typical role on a team?

  • Describ...

July 5, 2017


If you aren't prepared for the simple equation of Sales = Rejection, a career in sales is going to be a very difficult road.  Many of us are taught that rejection isn't fun, that's it's to be avoided, that it's embarrassing, etc.

That's the problem, the idea that rejection is negative.  Like my Dad said to us, every day I might add, "be like a duck, let it roll right off your back"!  So, if someone is going to be successful in a career in sales, they have to change their mindset to truly believe that rejection is an opportunity - an opportunity to try again, to get closer to the yes.  You have to train yourself to be a punch clown - no matter how many times you are told no, you will come right back, to try again, with a smile on your face!

We have to learn and embrace that rejection is part of life, it's necessary, it's not personal and actually can be fun.  If you want to reinforce your rejection armor or need to learn how to build your own, I cannot recommend...

June 7, 2017

Piggybacking on last week's phishing post, if you'd like to add to your worry list wondering if any of your User ID's or Email addresses have been pwned.  The website Have I Been Pwned will help with that.

I learned about the site from a Reply All podcast - funnily enough on an episode that led to the self-test for phishing - so I'm assuming it's safe but click and interact at your own discretion.

My wish for you is that you are met with many "Good news - no pwnage found!" messages!

May 31, 2017

Because phishing attempts tend to be so obvious, we seem to think we are impervious to it and perhaps we think we're too smart to fall for it.

On the podcast, Reply All (a Gimlet Media production), contributor Phia Bennin recently attempted to phish other team members and... it was successful more often than not. Even when it wasn't successful, the pretend hacker was able to learn information about people.  

One of the many things I found fascinating was the phishing emails appeared to have been sent by their own colleagues.  Would you be able to spot the ruse between these two email addresses?



Give it a listen to solve that puzzle and hear more about how it's done.  My takeaway? Two-factor authentication will not save you so be very paranoid, it can happen to anyone!

May 24, 2017

As we celebrate those that have served our country on this upcoming Memorial Day I thought it would be fun to see military technology that has become part of our everyday lives.

Freeze Drying

During World War II, freeze drying was used to preserve medical supplies such as blood plasma and penicillin which equired refrigeration but of course that was impossible in most situations.  So, next time you enjoy some Dippin' Dots you can thank this technology.

Duct Tape

Celebrating it's 75th birthday this year, Duct Tape was originally invented for the military as way to keep water out of ammunition cases.  Enterprising soldiers quickly realized that it work well for tons of other things too.  It was originally called Duck Tape but when the HVAC industry used it for duct work, the name evolved.  Today of course it's a ubiquitous household supply and even used to make things like wallets and purses!


Dr. Percy LeBaron Spencer, a veteran himself, was researching radio and...

May 17, 2017

I just heard on a podcast - where else?! - an ad for "Blinkist", a service that allows you to choose from over 2k non-fiction titles to read or listen to a summary in just 15 minutes.  

It costs $4.99 month/$49.99 year which for a cheapskate like me seems a bit steep.  This seems like it could be a good idea for books that you are unsure of and want to get a better grasp before you spring for the whole thing or for some reason really need to cram. 

Trivia - now that's not something I thought of.  That bit about birds in San Francisco changing their pitch due to traffic was pretty interesting, right?!

I really hope it doesn't turn into headline-reading instead of actual reading.  You know, when you talk to someone and they say "oh, I read this great article about blobbidy bloop" but then it turns out they only thing they actually read was the headline!  And lest I sound like I'm on my high-horse, I sometimes only read the headlines too!

Will you try it?

May 11, 2017

As you honor your own Mom's this Sunday, Mother Nature gave us a compelling reason last week to celebrate her as well!  

In 1984 the beach in Dooagh, Ireland was washed away overnight by a storm leaving behind rocks and rock pools.  Beautiful but not exactly a relaxing day at the beach laying on some rocks!

Typically Mother Nature doesn't allow us to turn back time but last week she did just that as another storm washed the beach back!

Interestingly this happened before when the beach disappeared in the 1890's and it reappeared again in about three decades.  

April 19, 2017

With Earth Day this weekend (the 22nd), thinking about how driverless cars will impact the environment is timely.  There was a great piece on PRI's The World yesterday (it's the first piece but if you want to skip bypass the intro, skip to 1:20), that discussed how driverless cars means that more people will be on the road so creating the technology and designing driverless cars to be hyper-efficient is really important.  One such thought is designing cars that look like fish although I'm pretty sure the picture above isn't quite what they meant!

A little research into cars that are designed to look like fish, I stumbled on this - isn't it cool?!

This is a replica of the Dymaxion which was debuted at the Chicago World's Fair in 1933-1934!  

April 13, 2017

Some Fun Fast Facts!

2B - The Number of Peeps Produced in Any Given Year

1B - The Number of Peeps Produced Specifically for Easter

1953 - The Year The Peep Chick Was Born (Happy 63rd Birthday!)

Born - The Name of the Family and thus the Company, the Just Born Candy Company

Sugar Coating - What Makes a Peep Different from a Typical Marshmallow

Tornado of Sugar - How the Color Coating is Applied

Check out this video to see how Peeps are made but also how they get their "peepsonality"!

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